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Ed Takacs

Ed Takacs has always had an eye for detail.  As early as the first grade he was producing intricate drawings.  His teachers saw at this young age that he possessed a talent that needed to be nurtured.  He was placed in additional art classes to help cultivate his talent.  As he moved through his school years, he has given a chance to attend classes at Miami University to continue his training. 


After graduating from high school, Takacs began creating dog portraits, starting his professional career in art.  After completing several dog portraits using pastels, he transitioned to working with watercolors for other subject matter.  He enjoyed the layering technique with watercolor painting and decided to use this with acrylics as well. 


By this time in Takacs' life, he realized he had another love; the wonderful world of wildlife.  He had grown up watching Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom and dreamed of traveling to see his favorite subjects in Africa.  This is the point in his career where he began to focus his attention on producing wildlife art. 


Takacs spent hundreds of hours at the Miami Zoo observing the animals.  He took the time to study their movements and muscle structure, as well as taking hundreds of photographs for reference material.  Often he would sketch his subjects, fascinating the audience that would build around him.  One of his favorite subjects was Jimmy, the big silver-back gorilla who has since passed away.  They grew to be very good friends over the years.


Takacs has been painting full time since 2005.  This has enabled him to fine tune his techniques and he is now working in oils for often.  He has also been able to realize his early dreams of traveling to Africa.  He has visited six countries including Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia, which has enabled him to broaden his portfolio by having reference materials of the animals in their natural habitat.


In 2011, Takacs was accepted into the Society of Animal Artists (SAA).  His entry, Puffin, was chosen for the SAA - 52nd Annual Exhibition in 2012.  Other exhibits include Art in the Animal Kingdom (Bennington, VT) and the new touring exhibit America's Parks, Through the Beauty of Art.